Specializing in Real Estate

Other services

Our services also include:

Handyman Jobs:

• Maintenance works / defect works / wear & tear / plumbing services / cleaning services
- Replace fused bulbs
- Repair air conditioners / top us gas/ replace spoil spare part
- Repair leaking from above ceiling, taps, toilet bowl, pipes, replacement spoil spare part
- House painting on wall, ceiling, skirting and doors
- Professional house cleaning
- Curtains cleaning
- Carpenters

Application Services:

• Runner services
- Stamping on leasing agreement / SPA
- Application on TNB (electricity), SYABAS (water), Gas Malaysia (Gas), Indah Water Konsortium (Sewage), DBKL Assessment (Cukai Pintu) and etc
- Application on internet services : Astro, IPTV, Telekom / Unifi

Interior Design

• House renovation with ID and help customers to purchase furnitures and display

Professional Solicitor on SPA

• Legal consultation & solicitor services